“If you think math is hard, try web design."

F.IT.S Team


Juan Pegler

Managing Director
Juan Pegler is our Chief Geek. He makes sure that all team members are working well together to offer complete solutions to companies across Gauteng. Juan oversees the team helping them progress within their roles. He has had more than 20 years experience in sales and IT. He enjoys spending time with his family and working on the business.

Louis Perfetti

Technical Director
Louis Perfetti is our Chief Idea Alchemist. He particularly enjoys the puzzles that IT problems can be. Louis has been in the Tech industry since Windows 3.1. In his spare time Louis likes to do NOTHING, just relax and clear the mind. He lives by what Theodore Roosevelt said: “Whenever you are asked if you can do a job tell em, “Certainly, I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.

Byron Labuschagne

Web Designer
Byron is our Interwebs Mechanic. He has a passion for Web Design. He heads up our Web Design Team. Byron plays volleyball and exercises in his spare time. He also really enjoys listening to Audio Books.

Justin du Toit

Justin is our Software Ninjaneer. He provides on-site and remote support to our valued clients. In his spare time Justin enjoys playing online competitive games and building computers.

John Weeks

John is our Digital Detox Specialist. He provides on-site and remote support to our valued clients. In his spare time John enjoys playing games and Learning new things because he always believes the more you know, the better prepared you are.

Kevin Dillon

External Technician
Kevin is our Professional Technology Manipulator. With more than 10 years experience in aviation, Kevin truly excels at customer care. He will be spending his time trouble shooting and installing products for our clients. In his spare time Kevin enjoys hunting, going to the Gym and playing games.

Vitto Perfetti

Vitto Perfetti is of our Computer Whisperer. He provides remote and on-site support to our valued clients. Vitto joined us straight out of school and is hoping to fill a programming role when one becomes available at FITS because thats what he is passionate about.

Natasha Pegler

Accounts Manager
Natasha is our Accounts Manager. She spends her time making sure our clients accounts are up to date. She has 15 years experience working in accounting. Natasha enjoys watching TV and creating DIY artsy crafts at home in her spare time.

Shana Phillips

Technical Administrator
Shana is our Scheduling Wizard. She spends her time making sure our Technicians know exactly where to go and when, Because not all of us speak Geek, Shana is great at translating between our Technical Team and our valued clients. In her spare time Shana enjoys spending time with her family and Pets. She also loves reading and working on Puzzles.

Tenika Nel

Personal Assistant to Juan Pegler
Tenika is our Captain of Multitasking. We refer to her as FITS’ Assistant 😊 She spends her time making sure everything in the office runs smoothly and keeps Juan on Track with his schedule. Tenika enjoys drawing, learning new skills and unwinding in the Bushveld in her spare time.

Devon Clark

Marketing Specialist
When it comes to putting the FITS brand front-of-mind for our clients, Devon is the team member who makes that happen.
Devon makes sure that our valuable clients see, hear about and ultimately trust the FITS brand. While he is a digital ninja during working hours he much prefers the outdoors and seeking new experiences wherever possible.